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Model description

The folder contains two subfolders:

  • \MATLAB format – contains original model in MATLAB format.
  • \ X3DG-Layers – contains model data in X3DG format [Kuvshinov, 2008].

Brief description of data is given below.

In \MATLAB format folder one can find MODEL-VER-4.mat, which is a common MATLAB MAT-file. '-v7.3' format was used when saving to file, which provides support for data items greater than or equal to 2 GB on 64-bit systems. The file contains 4 distinct data arrays as following.
LATGRID – 720x1440 element 2D grid (produced by meshgrid function) to store Latitudes of all 15 min x 15 min meshes.
LONGRID – 720x1440 element 2D grid (produced by meshgrid function) to store Longitudes of all 15 min x 15 min meshes.
ZGRID – 1000 element 1D array containing depth of centers of all model layers. In current version of the model each layer has 100 m thickness.

MODEL – 720x 1440x1000 element array of conductivity values (in Sm/m), specified on 15 min x15 min x 100 m 3D grid. Thus, each number corresponds to a cell, centered at latitude/longitude/depth points given in corresponding coordinate arrays.
This makes it fairly convenient to regrid data or plot any lateral slice via geoshow or similar mapping Toolbox function as a texture object.

In \ X3DG-Layers the model data are available as 4 model layers, reinterpolated on 1x1 deg. Each layer is stored in separate ASCII file. Layer depth ranges are chosen to be:

  • Layer 1: 0 – 5 km
  • Layer 2: 5 – 20 km
  • Layer 3: 20-45 km
  • Layer 4: 45 -1 00 km

Latitude and Longitude arrays corresponding to conductivity points are
phi = [0.5 : 1.0 : 360]; - Latitude
theta = [0.5 : 1.0 : 180] - Longitude

The files containing GG suffix in their names store conductivity grids arranged according to Geographic coordinates, while those with GM suffix - Geomagnetic (dipole) coordinates.



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